The development of LOM® began in 1983 in the course "Dreaming and Painting", in which Bettina Egger and Jörg Merz discovered that certain images offer great relief, while others do not.
Since then, LOM® has been constantly developed from practical experiences. This process was accompanied by an intensive research process. and can be read in more detail under <Research>.

Further developments

Systemic work:
Even in the first phase there was a specific procedure for clarifying relationships. However, difficulties we carry around with us from our families do not always manifest in a relationship; there are issues passed on from generation to generation and repeated fatefully. There are issues, such as the position one has in a family, that are cemented over and over by other members of the family system. We can paint a picture for the atmosphere of our origin and one for the atmosphere of the system that we ourselves have (co-founded. Then we can return things to the system that do not belong to us: Responsibilities that we have taken on, beliefs that  no longer fit, etc. And we can strengthen our own system with what we want and what is good for us.

LOM® intangible
Again and again there are difficulties, sufferings, body reactions etc. to which we have no access to consciously. Bettina Egger and Jörg Merz have developed a different type
 of LOM® to work with these issues, the "LOM® intangible". Instead of painting remembered pictures or metaphors, one connects with corresponding feelings and an inner image leads to the barely understood theme.
This image is painted exactly as it is seen. Looking at the picture, the question is repeated and the next picture is painted. Sometimes undefined difficulties are solved in this manner without further understanding, sometimes a trauma, a difficult experience etc. appears and will be processed with LOM®.

Outlook into the future

LOM® is constantly being developed through experiences in practicing this method. A lively community of experienced therapists exchanges experiences and discoveries made in daily work.