What is LOM®

60% of the activity of our brain is formed by images. Images represent and shape our memories as well as the feelings and thoughts associated with these memories. It therefore has a great effect on our state of mind whether we feed our brain with stressful or with relieving images.

In their work, Jörg Merz and Bettina Egger discovered criteria that are important for images to have a positive effect. By constantly comparing what kind of images work and which ones do not, the LOM® method gradually developed. In this process, over years of research, it became clearer and clearer what has to be considered for a painting to be healing or effective. For example, it is important that the pictures are painted slowly, opaque and with a clear outline to signal relaxation (rather than stress) to the emotional center . Furthermore, the metaphor should be painted large, i.e. filling the size of the paper, to ensure that nothing stressful can take up the space.
Either the inner stored image is painted (e.g. in trauma or working with dreams) or a metaphor (e.g. in emotions or beliefs).
In LOM® there is no interpretation of the images. The focus is on the solution of the issue. With LOM®, the issue is not resolved by expressing feelings through images, but by creating a new, healing impression through the painting of the images.

LOM® can be used effectively for a variety of issues. For example, stress can be reduced, traumas healed, relationship conflicts worked on and new perspectives found.
It is also possible to work specifically on symptoms or on relationship conflicts, to work on new skills, to support decision-making processes or to move on to a different stage life. Working with stressful emotions or beliefs is just as possible as working on dreams.